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Ordinary Meeting   Date: 22 April 2024, 5pm, 
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Order of Business

  • 1.Acknowledgement of Country
  • 2.Moment of Silence and Reflection
  • 3.Australian National Anthem
  • 4.Apologies / Leave of Absence
  • 5.Confirmation of Minutes
  • 6.Declaration of Interests
  • 7.Presentation of Petitions
  • 8.Mayoral Minute
  • MM24.13 Mayoral Minute - Condolence Motion - Shirley Laird
  • MM24.14 Mayoral Minute - Condolence Motion - Bruce Bishop
  • 9.Deputations and Presentations • Sea Level Rise Projections – Water Technology
  • 10.Call Over of the Business Paper
  • 11.A Committee of the Whole (if necessary)
  • 12.Committee Reports
  • CL24.96 Report of the Shoalhaven Heads Estuary Taskforce - 20 March 2024
  • SH24.3 Coastal Protection Works - Tidal Flats in Front of Holiday Haven Caravan Park, Shoalhaven Heads
  • SH24.4 Request - Extend Mangrove Seedlings Removal West of the Wharf in Front of River Rd to the Storm Water Drain
  • 13.Reports
  • City Performance
  • CL24.97 Ongoing Register of Pecuniary Interest Returns - March 2024
  • CL24.98 Councillor Expenses and Facilities Policy for Public Exhibition
  • CL24.99 Outstanding Councillor Conference Reports
  • CL24.100 Election of Deputy Mayor
  • CL24.101 Investment Report - March 2024
  • CL24.102 Tenders - Provision of Trainees and Apprentices
  • City Services
  • CL24.103 Land Acquisition - Part Lot 1 DP 560540 Koloona Drive, Bangalee for the Purpose of Road Widening
  • CL24.104 Licence to Target Australia Pty Ltd - Part Lot 1 DP 792523, 6 Boree Street, Ulladulla
  • CL24.105 Operating Lease Agreement for Road Repair Plant - JCB Pothole Pro
  • CL24.106 Tenders - Construction of Lake Conjola RFS Station Extension
  • City Development
  • CL24.107 Adoption of Revised Sea Level Rise Projections
  • CL24.108 Report on Conference Attendance - Joint National Coast to Coast & NSW Coastal Conference 2023 (MIN23.744)
  • City Lifestyles
  • CL24.109 Membership Appointment - Homelessness Advisory Committee
  • CL24.110 Community Consultative Body - Culburra Beach & Orient Point Community Forum - Outcome of Public Exhibition
  • Shoalhaven Water
  • CL24.111 Tenders - Sampling and Laboratory Testing
  • Councillor Conference Report
  • CL24.112 NSW ALGWA Conference 2024
  • CL24.113 Asia Pacific Cities Summit and Mayors Forum - Brisbane 2023
  • 14.Notices of Motion / Questions on Notice
  • CL24.114 Notice of Motion - Maintenance of Open Stormwater Drains
  • Addendum Reports
  • CL24.115 ALGA Annual Conference 2024 - National General Assembly - Motions
  • CL24.93 Development Application – DA23/1856 - 408 Bunkers Hill Road BARRENGARRY– Lot 144 DP 751262
  • 15.Confidential Reports
  • CCL24.10 Tenders - Provision of Trainees and Apprentices
  • CCL24.11 Tenders - Construction of Lake Conjola RFS Station Extension
  • CCL24.12 Tenders - Sampling and Laboratory Testing

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